Just say no to me!

At the risk of moving from “that packaging guy Eric is good for a monthly giggle” to “that packaging guy Eric is a little too serious for my liking”, I think I’m going to use my 2018 monthly blogs to write about matters that…well…matter. Please don’t unsubscribe just yet.  Maybe […] Read more »

You really shouldn’t have!

Thank you so much for contributing to a joyous 2017. Both my immediate and Specialty Box families are keenly aware that we need others every day, week and year. We appreciate that you let us lean on you and sincerely hope that we can return the kindness. Please accept our […] Read more »

I’m ruining romance! :(

Can you believe that I almost confused “No Shave November” for “No Blog November”?  It’s 4:15pm on November 30 and I’ve only just peeked at my improv list to see what I’m required to write before the clock strikes twelve. I’m oh so grateful that my Alaskan friend Sharon from […] Read more »

Check out our Halloween Wrap..um..I mean Rap!

While my Halloween offerings may not satisfy in the same way stealing every tootsie roll out of your kid’s candy bucket satisfies (maybe that’s more about me than you), I hope you enjoy this small gift from our Specialty Box family to yours. Just click here and we’ll treat you to a […] Read more »

Here is why I can’t blog this month

These days I’m hearing the same thing from so many to whom I speak with and email. Preparation for the 4th quarter has my friends (both customers and suppliers) looking for a moment to breathe. As for me, I can relate! My hands (or at least one hand and a […] Read more »

Can a company be The Giving Tree?

Today my dear friend Deb (we’ve never actually met) and faithful blog reader and replier asks a simple question, “What does Specialty Box have in common with Shel Silverstein’s classic children’s book The Giving Tree?” Many know the story of the book.  It is about a tree that gives every […] Read more »